tisdag 14 februari 2012

Two Headed - anything goes Warhammer 40k tournament 2x1000pts

I'm considering entering a two-player tournament. Each team of two shares a FOC, each player needs to field at least one HQ och one Troop choice. Unique characters may not be fielded twice in the same army. "Friendly units" are all units in the teams armies.

So, this opens up a lot of possible combos, perhaps the first to come to mind being Blood Angel's Apothecaries. Fateweaver deserves some mention as well. Daemons only having to field one troop might have some merit.

My teammate has alot of Marines as well as some Orcs. I have Chaos Daemons, Tau, Imperial Guard, GK and some Marines.

My first idea was:


6 Bloodcrushers
6 Fiends
6 Fiends

5 Plaguebearers

Then add, maybe Deathwing?


5 Termies, 4 SS/TH, CML, Apot
5 Termies, 4 SS/TH, CML
5 Termies, 4 SS/TH, CML

Leaves 135 points, It's a pity a Teleport homer won't work for Daemons :/

This has the potential to land 5 Terminators with re-rollable 3++ or 2+, followed by FnP. Try to kill them ;)

Another idea I had was fielding big orc mobs with BA priests, but I don't think we have enough models to field that.

I guess you could yes cherry pick good things on their own from two codexes. Actually, IG and GK might work.


2 x Purifiers (5), 2 Psycannons

5 x Acolytes (3) w. Psybolt Razorbacks

2 x Psyflemen



Primaris Psyker

Infantry Platoon
PCS, Chimera (ML/HF)
2 x Infantry Squad, Chimeras (ML/HF)

3 x Vendettas, Hvy Bolters (on 2 of em)

Hydras (3)

Maybe IG could be switched to DA, then you could field 3 Psyflemens in the GK list and use:



5 Termies, 4 SS/TH, CML, Apot, Standard

Land Speeder Typhoon w. MMs (2)
Land Speeder Typhoon (2)
Land Speeder Typhoon (2)

You'd have a somewhat nasty CC unit.

Dropping in Arjac, with Logan and MM-Long Fangs could be interesting with say Apothecary, Chaplain and a Blood Angels HQ. Gaah, the possibilities are endless!

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