tisdag 14 februari 2012

Space Wolves Commission

I've ordered a Space Wolf army from a commission painter and there has been some progress that I'm quite excited about - Scouts! Apart from these bad boys we have six squads of Grey Hunters, three squads of Long Fangs, one squad of Wolf Guards, Nine(!) Razorbacks/Rhinos, one Rune Priest, Five Thunderwolves, Five Fenrisian Wolves, Two Land Speeders.

After that batch I'm thinking about adding two additional Priests, Logan, Njal, 6 CML Terminators, 2 Assault Cannon Terminators, 3 Lone Wolves and Bjorn (I ordered the Forgeworld Space Wolf Dreadnought). Maybe a few Multi-meltas, Drop Pod and Arjac (so I can try that trick too lol). Or I should wait for the next edition to leak so I know what I buy is actually not crap anymore.

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