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(Part 1) My own Legion of Space Marines - History[1]

In an attempt to bring fluff to my vision of having one army to represent ALL space marine forces. I have started outlining their history and their organization to bring some sort of explanation as to why they can be used to fill a variety of different codex roles. In the following short articles I hope to give examples on my own legion and how it comes into play with magnets and what choices in bits from different online stores will be used. Hopefully this will spur me to more hobby time both online and in front of the hobby desk.

Templars of Pandemonium

History of the Legion

The Achaemenid Empire rose to prominence following the beginning of the Age of Strife. In that empire an order of warrior-scholars existed. They were keepers of ancient Terra lore and remembered the time of humanity’s space empire. They were disciplined, their martial excellence on par with their extensive knowledge. In truth, their discipline was what kept them from the ravages of the warp. One of the reasons they remembered the days of the galaxy-wide empire was because they in part brought it to an end. They were originally psykers inviting the Chaos to wreck destruction on those presuming to judge them and their new-found talents. As the worlds burned around them some of them despaired and regained their senses. They fought to resist the lure of Chaos and wield their psychic talents for their own cause. As the space empire crumbled this group swore to preserve the history of what had happened and never let it happen again. In the ruins of Terra they established a monastery and from there they spread their knowledge and when able, served to uphold peace.

When the Emperor started his Unification War the order which now called themselves the Templars of Pandemonium was against it. There were a couple of the warrior-scholars who recognized the need of unity to ensure any kind of steady growth on a global level, but the Grandmaster was a firm pacifist.

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