torsdag 23 februari 2012

Some more pics of new Space Wolves

Arjac Looks quite cool, I'll probably get myself one!

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf Will have to see him alongside the plastic TWC before I decide if he's worth having. I suspect it will be easier and create a more uniformed look to build the Lord from the normal kit. Just bling him out with some fancy bits.

Wolf Standard bearer Ugly banner and unnecessary resin addition to my plastic horde.

Cyberwolf I guess if someone used Iron Priests with those bad boys it could be worth having maybe, rather though instead of having 4 identical ones, people will go for the plastic Fenrisian Wolves and cyberify them.

Scarab Occult Pre-heresy Thousand Sons WIPs (Grey Knight Paladins)

Bases: Scibor Egyptian
Heads: Galactic Knights marines
Legs: Microart
Bodies: GK and vanilla Terminators
Weapons: GK Terminators
Shoulder pads: Dreadnought leg plates

onsdag 22 februari 2012

Finally some wolfies! ...and nids too!

Thunderwolves, Fenrisian wolves, Arjac and both Tyrannofex, Tervigon and flying Tyrant! Lo and behold! And might that be a Wolf Standard?

fredag 17 februari 2012

tisdag 14 februari 2012

Space Wolves Commission

I've ordered a Space Wolf army from a commission painter and there has been some progress that I'm quite excited about - Scouts! Apart from these bad boys we have six squads of Grey Hunters, three squads of Long Fangs, one squad of Wolf Guards, Nine(!) Razorbacks/Rhinos, one Rune Priest, Five Thunderwolves, Five Fenrisian Wolves, Two Land Speeders.

After that batch I'm thinking about adding two additional Priests, Logan, Njal, 6 CML Terminators, 2 Assault Cannon Terminators, 3 Lone Wolves and Bjorn (I ordered the Forgeworld Space Wolf Dreadnought). Maybe a few Multi-meltas, Drop Pod and Arjac (so I can try that trick too lol). Or I should wait for the next edition to leak so I know what I buy is actually not crap anymore.

Two Headed - anything goes Warhammer 40k tournament 2x1000pts

I'm considering entering a two-player tournament. Each team of two shares a FOC, each player needs to field at least one HQ och one Troop choice. Unique characters may not be fielded twice in the same army. "Friendly units" are all units in the teams armies.

So, this opens up a lot of possible combos, perhaps the first to come to mind being Blood Angel's Apothecaries. Fateweaver deserves some mention as well. Daemons only having to field one troop might have some merit.

My teammate has alot of Marines as well as some Orcs. I have Chaos Daemons, Tau, Imperial Guard, GK and some Marines.

My first idea was:


6 Bloodcrushers
6 Fiends
6 Fiends

5 Plaguebearers

Then add, maybe Deathwing?


5 Termies, 4 SS/TH, CML, Apot
5 Termies, 4 SS/TH, CML
5 Termies, 4 SS/TH, CML

Leaves 135 points, It's a pity a Teleport homer won't work for Daemons :/

This has the potential to land 5 Terminators with re-rollable 3++ or 2+, followed by FnP. Try to kill them ;)

Another idea I had was fielding big orc mobs with BA priests, but I don't think we have enough models to field that.

I guess you could yes cherry pick good things on their own from two codexes. Actually, IG and GK might work.


2 x Purifiers (5), 2 Psycannons

5 x Acolytes (3) w. Psybolt Razorbacks

2 x Psyflemen



Primaris Psyker

Infantry Platoon
PCS, Chimera (ML/HF)
2 x Infantry Squad, Chimeras (ML/HF)

3 x Vendettas, Hvy Bolters (on 2 of em)

Hydras (3)

Maybe IG could be switched to DA, then you could field 3 Psyflemens in the GK list and use:



5 Termies, 4 SS/TH, CML, Apot, Standard

Land Speeder Typhoon w. MMs (2)
Land Speeder Typhoon (2)
Land Speeder Typhoon (2)

You'd have a somewhat nasty CC unit.

Dropping in Arjac, with Logan and MM-Long Fangs could be interesting with say Apothecary, Chaplain and a Blood Angels HQ. Gaah, the possibilities are endless!

Eldar artwork

måndag 13 februari 2012

Forgeworld News!

More Pre-heresy mark Space Marines. This time to hang around in the tanks of the Adeptus Astartes. Two MKII aka Crusader armor and one MKIV.

Nice with three for the not so over the top price of 12 pounds. Though personally I'm not a fan of mixing the marks of the different armors.

This one is kinda standard but when would you want to use a crew for a tank that holds a bolter? It's wrong WYSIWYG but it looks kinda coolish.

Good for a Rhino!

Wow dude, go shave! Apart from that this one looks really cool, unique headgear and generic enough to use for whatever vehicle you'd like.

torsdag 9 februari 2012

1250pts tournament. Grey Knights or Imperial Guard?

I've made 4 different lists. The IG one is fully painted (my Death Korps) the GK needs everything GKy to have a lick of red paint (Pre-heresy Thousand Sons).

I have about 3 weeks, but there is no painting score, everything just needs to be painted. The tournament is played on 48x48" tables, which is why I opted for some terminators mainly.

Last time I played the first GKlist and came in third. It worked really well. Last game I failed against 9 Hive Guards and 3 Tervigons because I wasn't offensive enough with the Purifiers. I really like to play mechy gun lines with one offensive element (Straken command squad etc, mech BA with Mephiston). Any thoughts from the internet?

Grey Knights #1 1250

Coteaz 100

Purifier Squad (7) 199 - Rhino 40
-2 Psycannons, 1 Daemonhammer, 3 Halberds

5 SBwarriors 35 - Chimera (ML, HF)
5 SBwarriors 35 - Chimera (ML, HF)
4 Warriors 3 w. Melta – Chimera (ML, HF)
4 Warriors 3 w. Melta – Chimera (ML, HF)
3 Warriors 12 - Psyback
3 Warriors 12 - Psyback

3x Psyflemen

Coteaz rides with the Purifiers. Quite straightforward.

Grey Knights #2 1250


5 Paladins
-Psycannon, Hammer
-Psycannon, Halberd

5 SBwarriors - Chimera (ML, HF)
5 SBwarriors - Chimera (ML, HF)
3 Warriors - Psyback
3 Warriors - Psyback
3 Warriors - Psyback
3 Warriors - Psyback

3x Psyflemen

Paladins provide counter-charge together with Coteaz and can threaten other shooty armies as they wade through cover and shoot 8 Str7 rending shots. No melta at all might be a problematic.

Grey Knights #3 1250

OM Inq, Terminator Armor, Psycannon, 2 Servo Skulls

5 Terminators
-Psycannon, Halberd
-Justicar w. Halberd

5 SBwarriors - Chimera (ML, HF)
5 SBwarriors - Chimera (ML, HF)
Jokaero Weaponsmith, 3 MM-Servitors, 4 Warrior Acolytes– Chimera (ML, HF)
3 Warriors - Psyback
3 Warriors - Psyback

3x Psyflemen

A very resilient Terminator squad fill the same role as the Paladins did in the previous list, but here they are scoring. Coteaz hang out with the Servitors, but near enough to go out and join the Terminators if the Inquisitor runs out of extra wounds :P

Imperial Guard 1250

CCS, 3 Plasma + Chimera

PCS, Flamer
Infantry Squad, Flamer
Infantry Squad, Flamer

2x Veterans, 3 Melta + Chimera

3x Vendetta w. Hvy Bolter

3x Hydra

I'm not sure, every time I try to build a IG list nowadays I just feel that Coteaz lists with Psyflemen are much better.

måndag 6 februari 2012

(Part 1) My own Legion of Space Marines - History[1]

In an attempt to bring fluff to my vision of having one army to represent ALL space marine forces. I have started outlining their history and their organization to bring some sort of explanation as to why they can be used to fill a variety of different codex roles. In the following short articles I hope to give examples on my own legion and how it comes into play with magnets and what choices in bits from different online stores will be used. Hopefully this will spur me to more hobby time both online and in front of the hobby desk.

Templars of Pandemonium

History of the Legion

The Achaemenid Empire rose to prominence following the beginning of the Age of Strife. In that empire an order of warrior-scholars existed. They were keepers of ancient Terra lore and remembered the time of humanity’s space empire. They were disciplined, their martial excellence on par with their extensive knowledge. In truth, their discipline was what kept them from the ravages of the warp. One of the reasons they remembered the days of the galaxy-wide empire was because they in part brought it to an end. They were originally psykers inviting the Chaos to wreck destruction on those presuming to judge them and their new-found talents. As the worlds burned around them some of them despaired and regained their senses. They fought to resist the lure of Chaos and wield their psychic talents for their own cause. As the space empire crumbled this group swore to preserve the history of what had happened and never let it happen again. In the ruins of Terra they established a monastery and from there they spread their knowledge and when able, served to uphold peace.

When the Emperor started his Unification War the order which now called themselves the Templars of Pandemonium was against it. There were a couple of the warrior-scholars who recognized the need of unity to ensure any kind of steady growth on a global level, but the Grandmaster was a firm pacifist.

Vampire: The Masquerade -- 20th Anniversary Edition

I've been playing Vampire the Masquerade for quite some years. It all started with a local LARP group playing Mind's Eye Theater. I bought Clanbook: Gangrel and copied the character that had the coolest picture for my first experience. The Prince killed me and I stayed up later than I ever had before. Then I grew up... kinda.

Since then I've played and storytelled both Giovanni and Transylvania Chronicles. Currently I'm storytelling my own chronicle after a few years of playing other games. What got me back was the announcement of the 20th anniversary edition. See more info here: I was thrilled! Sadly though, I were too late and missed the pre-order dates.

I was glad to have found my way back to the setting and continued to dwell deep into the metaplot, once more theorizing around Saulot, Ashur and all of the old geezers wandering about. I began to compile my own, if somewhat short, version of "all" things and how it all came together at Gehenna. I then asked my gaming group about Vampire and soon enough the campaign got underway. "Cycles of Sins" were born!

I'll write more about that, but what got me to write this in the first place is that apparently the 20th Anniversary Edition of Vampire is on PRINT ON DEMAND!

Linky linky:

What can I say, I love sexy hardcovers in my bookshelves.