tisdag 20 april 2010


I need myself a Straken model for my Death Korp of Kriegs army (and an Astropath and Officer of the Fleet as well...).

1: Original model - Probably not, doesn't fit and is quite ugly.
2: Give an officer FW model the required equipment - might work, boring though
3: Saint Celestine, Plasma Pistol instead of bird, Flayed One claw instead of Sword. Shotgun slung over shoulder. No flapping cloak. Girls are cuter <3
4: True-scale Marine conversion of an Dark Angels ally with the right equipment (I pretend my DKoKs are an Imperial Guard company under direct command of my Dark Angels)

Astropath and Officer of the Fleet will probably be normal troopers with servoskulls or something, dunno :/ Maybe the dude with binoculars could be an Astropath count-as.

Need grenadiers for the whole squad as well, so we'll see.

4 kommentarer:

  1. If your fluff has them working with your DA, I'd probably go that route. Straken's profile screams marine hero. I plan to have a CSM version of him myself.

    If they're going to be in "Straken's" command squad, could model the Astropath/Officer of the Fleet as Watchers, to reinforce the DA tie-in. Various Inquisition henchmen could also work.

  2. Now that some solid ideas, watchers are cool. Could probably dig up Azraels helmbearer somewhere...

  3. Hollowing out the heads/sculpting on some extra hood on some Night Goblins could maybe work too for some home-made Watchers.

  4. Good idea! Cheap as well, will definately check it out.