onsdag 14 april 2010

Deathwing are the true Space Marines


Deathwing along with all-Harlquins is the army style which I prefer (well tank companies and strongely themed lists are always fun as well...).

Towering Monastic Templars wearing huge suits of Terminator Armor, cloaked in robes, moving through a hail of bullets, purposefully moving onwards. That is Space Marines in my eyes. Dark Angels First Company, elite of the elite. If the new codex gives me Terminators wielding Relic Blades, in swirling robes and cloaks, I'll be one happy geek.

Deathwing has always held a special place in my heart.

4e, had the army on the picture painted up, spammed double Assault Cannons, had some Raiders and a few Missile/Las dreads.

New DA codex comes along, no more double AssCannons and Deathwing are supposed to be DS turn 1, even better with those bikers. I want an elite terminator infantry army!

I quit 40k when my Eldar army doesn't seem very good in 5e and I sell my DW. And Dark Elves seems cuter over there, by the fantasy shelf.

40k returns! What can I say, one of those hobbies that are very on and off, always creeps back.

I decide to run all true-scale Deathwing Terminators and meanwhile build up a very themed Eldar list (whilst I wait for FW to wake up and give me an all Harlequin army in delicious resin!)

Though somewhere in the middle I bought some Death Korps and Guards have been the way ever since. At 1k and building strong atm!

Anyway, the point with this Deathwing rumblings are that I found a sculptur to build me some true-scale Termies, but then he bailed out :/ I'm still waiting, because my next Deathwing (and Harlequins as well) army will be fucking awesome. 1: Terminators on foot is the shit. 2: True-scale is the only scale that matters ;)

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  1. Deathwing or all-termie forces in general do indeed rock, really emphasizes the elite type of army. Fun to see them against a sea of grunts.