onsdag 14 april 2010

Death Korps of Krieg

Have been playing a few games at 1k with my guards now under the - for me - edition, the 5th one. Have been going quite good.
Few lessons I've learned. Plasma is good when you can't spam
melta against MC in your lines. Though as you are all in your cars, that is not much of a problem. Though Bring it down! rapid firing plasma is quite nice! Though as 5e made Plasma quite pricey I will only field the 4 ones I still have because the DKoK weapon sets are fucking expensive.

1: Melta is very good.
2: Vendettas are troublesome to maneouver but very good to draw fire, fire lascannons and swop down to contest objectives.
3: Hydra is sweet for 75pts
4: People waste ALOT of fire at that Russ, front 14 is tough
5: Orders are really good, especially on CCS, easy to forget em though

Things I can't decide: how many flamers on veterans is really needed when almost every car has a Heavy Flamer.

Is Plasma Cannons worthy it on Demolishers?

I'll probably buy an Executioner tower or have my Demolishers 'naked' with a Heavy Flamer, for some cheap AV14.

Death Korps of Krieg 1000pts
currently playing
Company Command Squad w. 4 Plasma Guns
-Chimera (ML, HFlamer)

Veterans w. 3 Meltaguns x2
-Chimera (ML, HFlamer) x2
Veterans w. 3 Flamers, Demolitions


Leman Russ Demolisher w. Plasma Cannon Sponsons

Should I try to improve the list I would probably go...

Company Command Squad w. 3 Meltaguns
-Chimera (ML, HFlamer)

Guardswoman NATYA

Veterans w. 3 Meltaguns x3
-Chimera (ML, HFlamer) x3

Vendetta x2

or Armoured Brigade

Company Command Squad w. 4 Meltaguns, Power Fist
-Chimera (ML, HFlamer)

Veterans w. 3 Meltaguns x2
-Chimera (ML, HFlamer) x2

Scout Sentinel

Leman Russ Demolisher w. Heavy Flamer x3

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  1. I think that everything on a Demolisher should be AP2 if you can afford it to avoid wound allocation worries. PC sponsons also help to minimize the effect of a bad scatter of the main gun, and let it be effective outside of 24".