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Tourney result

I organized the small tourney at the local (well, local as in where I grew up a car trip away) store. We were all friendly people and the day went smoothly.

We were 8 players:
Crimson Fists
Black Templars
Mechanicus Dread List
Space Marines
Imperial guard (me)

My list:
285 CCS w/4 x Melta, Fleet, Straken, 2 Bodyguards, Medic all with Carapace
55 Chimera (ML/HF)

100 Veteran Squad w/3x Melta
55 Chimera (ML/HF)
100 Veteran Squad w/3x Melta
55 Chimera (ML/HF)
Infantry Platoon
55 Platoon Command Squad w/2x Melta 1x Flamer
55 Chimera (ML/HF)
60 Infantry Squad w/Flamer
60 Infantry Squad w/Flamer
75 Autocannon Heavy Weapon Teams

Fast Attack
130 Vendetta Gunship
130 Vendetta Gunship
130 Vendetta Gunship

Heavy Support
165 Leman Russ Demolisher w/Hull Heavy Flamer
165 Leman Russ Demolisher w/Hull Heavy Flamer
75 Hydra Flak Tank

Game 1:
Imperial Guard vs Eldar

He had, 2 Holo-Falcons, Wraithlord with SC, Avatar, Guardians with SC, 5 Path-Finders, Dragons in one Falcon, Avengers in the other, Banshees and Avengers in one Wave Serpent each (with TL Shuricannons). So not a whole lot of AT.

We played 4 objectives, pitched battle. I won the roll off and deployed in a line, with chimeras ready to speed unto objectives mid-field.

All Vendettas scouted forward to get LoS to the Eldar skimmers hiding behind one big ruin.

No seize. Shot him as he came at me. Turn 5, his Banshees arrived from reserves, they along with a weaponless Falcon managed to contest two objectives when the game ended on turn 6. I held one more objective than him and scored well in VP.
15-5 to me. (10 of the points are based on how many objectives you hold, 10 from the difference in Victory Points)

Forgot to take pics.

Game 2:
Imperial Guard vs Crimson Fists (piloted by my cousin)

He had:
3 Riflemen
2 MM-Dreads
1 MM-HF Dread in pod
2 Typhoons
2 Las-Razors w. 10 Tacts each w. 1 Flamer, 1 Missile Launcher (combat squaded)
1 Rhino w. 10 Tacts with Fist, Melta, MM

I won roll of (Spearhead w. one objective in the center of each quarter).

Picked a quarter which left him with no LoS-blocking terrain. Deployed so everything could shoot. He reserved nothing, which I thought meant that I would blast him to smitherens.

Before I got a chance to scout he seized me, so I scouted conservatively, just securing that flat-out save, without being in melta-range.

Only pics after deployment, so dunno if the report says very much at all lol.

Dunno why some of the published pics are turned wrong :/

Turn 1:
He destroyed weapons, immobilized one each vendetta and all were shaken. He blew up Strakens chimera after alot of missed missiles. One Vet-chimera might have been stunned as well.

Retaliation was so-so, immoblized one Typhoon (which had good fire angles), Immoblized one melta dread squaring off 18" from one Demolisher. Shuffled Straken in the wrong direction :P Might have had the other Typhoon shaken.

Turn 2:
I thought I was done for this turn. All Vendettas were taken out of play. Two exploded, the third destroyed. An chimera exploded, took a wound or two at my heavy weapon teams. And Crimson Fist had pressure with advancing Rhino and Razorback and 2 MM Dreads nearing my lines.

Had an awesome turn of shooting, Straken went down to handle to onslaught at my side of the table and ran to make up for his lack of knowing the way last turn. Demolishers shone, managed to destroy a dread with one, the other took off the Lascannons of a Razorback. Begun to shake and immoblize the Riflemen in backfield and haress advancing Tacts/Typhoons.

Turn 3: His Rhino sweep dangerously close, hiding in the woods in front of Demolisher, Melta-team and Straken. A Dread and Razorback sweep in alongside. They blow of the Demolisher cannon. He immolized and shook both upper-Chimeras, roadlblocking my way to that objective.

Boom Melta-vets do what they do best and kill the Rhino, Straken sweep unto the the poor marines. The Dread somehow died as well. I have a small squad in front of the Razorback (carrying flamer and MoTF). Straken kill all but one Marines (and they hold, yey!)

Turn 4: MotF&Co get out and kill my Infantry Squad with Flamer. He killed some and I fled with Autocannon team. He tried to frag some Infantrymen on my home-objective, they went to ground and managed to stay put. My intact Demolisher might have been shaken by the immobilized Dread.

Straken finsh off the squad and sweep towards MotF.

Kill the non-immobilized Typhoon (multi-laser!), blew off and destroy both weapons on one Riflemen as well as immoblizing it (Hydra+lucky Demolisher tag-team!). Straken assaults and wipes MotF and his squad.

Turn 5-6: My uppermost infantry get to the objective. Heavy Weapon team regroups. Straken advances and assaults a combat squad near one objective. Riflemen assaults in (not going against the nearest model, thus getting close to the objective, I see this but doesn't remark upon it, just something that happens whn you play. Don't manage to kill of the marines or the Riflemen during turn 6, so the Riflement contest one objective and he has a combat squad holding his home-objective, I hold 2. So I hold one more than him and killed more, 15-5 to me this game as well.

Now I have 30 points and the one with most points have 31. So we get to play.

Game 3:
Imperial Guard vs Mechanicus Space Marines

He had:
1 Librarian w. Terminator Armor
1 Ironclad with 2 HKM
2 Venerable Dreads one with Plasma Cannon the other Assault Cannon
2 Hellfire Dreads
1 Riflemen
1 Assault Cannon Razorback and some Marines with Power Sword
1 Rhino carrying MotF and some Marines with Power Sword
Combat Squad with Plasma Gun
Combat Squad with Missile Launcher

I thought I would get through this better than the last game, but a few so-so rolls left my army quite vulnerable for a time, enough for his dreads to close in...

In the end I manage to have one scoring in the middle, having cleaned up some with Straken and the Heavy Weapons Team + Hydra being heroes, making the dreads unable to clean up my infantry.

No pics here, so any rounds breakdown would probably not give much.

14-6 in the end.

Came in first, a few points ahead of the not so very optimized Eldarlist.

Lessons learned: Demolisher is seldom good, but I guess when they shine, they really shine. Until then I will probably try to play more HWTs and maybe Hydras. Will also try without Straken, although he has been quite handy. I really need more gaming experience, need more routine. Vendettas die, everyone points all their guns at them. Do I need lascannons elsewhere or just learn to use this to my advantage.

I need to be more thorough when setting tables in the future.

I need to take more photos and make notes of each turn, battle reports are funny, mine probably not so much... yet!

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