fredag 28 maj 2010


Beware the shitty pic, when my fledgling force was lead by an Brother-Captain of the Grey Knights...

Tomorrow I'm gonna play a mini-tourney with 8 players, 3 games.

Gonna take my almost finished DKoK. Will be playing with the following list:

285 CCS w/4 x Melta, Fleet, Straken, 2 Bodyguards, Medic all with Carapace
55 Chimera (ML/HF)

100 Veteran Squad w/3x Melta
55 Chimera (ML/HF)
100 Veteran Squad w/3x Melta
55 Chimera (ML/HF)
Infantry Platoon
55 Platoon Command Squad w/2x Melta 1x Flamer
55 Chimera (ML/HF)
60 Infantry Squad w/Flamer
60 Infantry Squad w/Flamer
75 Autocannon Heavy Weapon Teams

Fast Attack
130 Vendetta Gunship
130 Vendetta Gunship
130 Vendetta Gunship

Heavy Support
165 Leman Russ Demolisher w/Hull Heavy Flamer
165 Leman Russ Demolisher w/Hull Heavy Flamer
75 Hydra Flak Tank

Infantry Platoon will go in the Gunships and their Chimera, in some configuration. The Heavy Weapon team will either jack a Chimera first turn or given good cover, just sit tight. The rest is mechanized. I would like to test some demolitions for the vets, but haven't tried them in scouting Vendettas yet, so will play with what I know for now. I figured that the Officer of the Fleet would be of more help than the Astropath but I'm kind of undecided. If not going first I can probably put the russes in front , trying to give the Chimeras a 3+ cover save. The Vendettas are harder, I think it's time to find out whatever or not they gain a flat-out save during scout move.

First time bringing Straken out as well and first time playing 1750 with my Korpsies, exciting!

Other issues I've been dealing with:
Will I miss Heavy Bolters on the Vends?
Would be fun to try NATYA...
Will I buy Manticores to replace the Demolishers?
Would the Infantry Squads be better off with Autocannons, forming a gunline?

Buying list to complete the army:
2 Manticores
2 Chimeras (for the STs and my third Vet-unit)
5 ST with dual Melta (have those already, not any paint on em though)
3 More Autocannon teams
2 More Russ hulls with sponsons and choice of Executioner or Exterminator
maybe some PBS, don't know what models to use though...

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  1. Good luck!

    I don't know if I'd bother with Straken with this list. Of course, depends on models available but if you have other stuff you might get better use out of the points as while he's OK himself, this army doesn't look like it would get much benefit out of his special rules.

    If you're not playing a reserves game yourself, then definitely the OotFleet is a better idea, especially for the Outflank interference.