torsdag 13 maj 2010


Me and cousin gonna play a few games over the next couple of days. Took some pics of our armies!

1750. I'm gonna play Bike Captain with some bikes, Tacticals in LasRazors, some Riflemen and Speeders for support. Had quite a limited choice of things since the army I'm playing is originally an 4th ed army with some added bikes and autocannon dread arms.

Cousin plays Crimson Fists, 6 Dreads, Tacticals in Rhinos, some Typhoons and Scouts with Sensei.

None of us has had any practice games thus far, so we'll have some breakfast now then try to squeeze in a test game before the evenings game.

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  1. Always interesting to me seeing the similarities and differences with two opposing armies made from the same codex.

    Enjoy the games!