tisdag 4 oktober 2011



Isn't the cutest?

I make a habit of incorporating something foxy in all my armies. Death Korps NATYA (count as Marbo) has a pet fox on her base. My Daemons had a Fox changeling (that works really well me thinks). Eldar have a fox as an objective marker. My in progress Space Wolves will probably have a Firefox Mounted Wolf Lord (hehe). I have inbound some Thunderwolves from Mrdandy and one of them is getting a fluffier tail :)

This sort of recurring theme is important for me as it makes something feel like "mine". Now I'm trying to figure out which Marine chapter rules would work best for my Space Foxes chapter. I've been thinking vanilla with Shrike. I want them stealthy, trixy and psychic. Maybe a future codex will provide a better base. No rush, have too many projects as is.

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